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It’s all about CONNECTION- Your online dating photos should exude warmth, friendliness, maybe a little sass, definitely some flirt! I can help bring out fun, confidence and attractiveness with body language and expression.

As a professional dating coach in the Covid era, I can’t overemphasize the importance of making a strong first impression online. Having a portfolio of emotionally impactful, high-quality photographs is a CRUCIAL step to catching the attention of a prospective partner!

I can’t recommend Nityia enough for my Seattle clients.

Here’s how I became aware of her work:

I convinced my 65 year old client to get a professional photoshoot so his profile could stand out from the crowd.

He selected Nityia, and WOW… I was BLOWN AWAY with the results.

Those photos revealed my client’s personality more deeply, authentically, and attractively than I had even thought possible. I saw him through fresh eyes — and so did he!

Looking at those pictures, it was obvious that my client and Nityia had built wonderful rapport — she helped him pick the perfect collection of outfits and sceneries, including both casual/flirty/candid settings (cooking, carrying a yoga mat, drinking coffee, etc.) and professional/serious ones (power suit shots).

Honestly, I had rarely seen such a well-rounded, attractive, and varied portfolio. It was especially impressive knowing that my client is the shy, reserved type!

Last but not least, my client’s personal confidence increased as a result of creating a standout dating profile. He gained an extra swing in his step, so to speak. Photography can truly be a healing art!

Marie Thouin, PhD

Dating Coach, Love-Insight Dating

Photo Consultation

In this pre-session phone call, I’ll get to know your personality so we can choose a location and design a photo session suited to your style.

Wardrobe & Styling

Let’s talk about colors and outfits – I’ll offer lots of suggestions to create a variety of looks for your profile photos.

Posing Guidance

I’ll offer LOTS of direction, creative guidance and suggestions so you look natural and relaxed in your photos.

Are you ready to start getting the attention you deserve on the online dating apps?
Let’s get you some online dating photos that showcase your BEST self!

Natural looking, relaxed, and friendly, photos for dating

Increase your chances of meeting someone great with attention grabbing online dating photos.  Let’s talk!  I LOVE working with Seattle men and women to create online dating photos that look natural and get the attention you are looking for.

New to online dating, I realized I had only selfies and very few actual photos of myself – doing anything!  So, I googled for an online profile photographer and happened upon Nityia – and boy, am I glad I did!  Nityia was, in a word, FANTASTIC!  After chatting with me to learn my interests and goals, she sent me some pointers and suggested a great location to meet.  She coached me expertly through the photo shoot and the resulting photos are amazing!  Throughout the process, her calm and expert professionalism made me feel at ease and in good, capable hands.  And, her attentive eye and visual aesthetic helped me to assemble a wonderful collection, uniquely showcasing my personality and interests, all while helping me to look and feel fantastic.  I’d highly recommend her and will gladly use her again!!

Mike D


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    Headshots that capture many sides of your personality

    Fun, Feminine and Flirty Headshots!

    This summer, I realized I did not have any photographs that reflected my authentic self. I wished to convey my personality and life passions to others both personally and professionally. I felt grateful to have found Nityia’s website. I absolutely loved the bright photos of her clients capturing their different personalities. I felt very impressed by Nityia’s same-day response time. Nityia was able to schedule me quickly, even during the busy, beautiful Seattle summer months.

    During our pre-photoshoot session, Nityia provided a vital consultation session to discuss my goals and potential outfits to achieve my goals. Before Nityia, I felt complex about how to convey some aspects of my personality to others. Nityia provided a lot of reassurance before the shoot that eased my anxiety.

    I felt very appreciative of Nityia’s realistic timeframe and locations for the photoshoot. Initially, I had some grandiose ideas about how we would drive around the city taking shots at random places. Nityia quickly brought me back to earth, and boy, was she correct about timing and location. We were able to shoot my photo goals within my condo complex within two hours. Nityia is incredibly talented in finding the absolute right angle and lighting to shoot a beautiful photograph. I had no model experience prior, and I learned so much from Nityia during our photo session how to position my body in an authentic yet attractive way. I was able to communicate any concerns throughout the shoot. I would recommend for future clients; be mindful you only have 2 hours and prepare outfits accordingly. I was a madwoman running to and from the bathroom—well worth it.

    Nityia quickly processed and picked out the best photos within a week of the shoot and was able to edit 10 photos within 5 days after the photo reveal zoom meeting. Nityia prepared each photo for its intended purposes, which was amazing and greatly appreciated.

    Nityia provided valuable recommendations to achieve my goal of producing authentic photographs that show my true self both professionally and personally. I feel so grateful for Nityia’s services and making me feel beautiful and authentic through pictures— thank you, Nityia!

    I would highly recommend Nityia to a friend.


    Working with Nityia was great and a fun experience! She’s kind and very helpful with providing any tips and guidance and makes you feel comfortable in front of the camera. I would definitely recommend working with her if you need photos for any occasion!